Workbooks - Polish for foreigners

Workbooks - Polish for foreigners
Modern series of workbooks for foreigners learning Polish

Are you looking for a workbook for learning Polish as a foreign language? Choose the series “POLSKI krok po kroku” — currently the most popular series for adults learning Polish as a foreign language. If you are seeking a workbook for a child learning Polish, we recommend “POLSKI krok po kroku - junior".

Both series have been written so that you can start to use Polish productively as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid that Polish grammar is said to be difficult. While learning from "POLSKI krok po kroku" you will barely notice it. Grammar is introduced through given communication situations — role-play, dialogues and pictures — and then summed up in intuitive tables and practiced on plenty of examples. Many of the grammatical exercises take the form of dialogues, so not only do you acquire knowledge of grammar quickly, but you also improve your communication skills.

We are sure you will like the layout of the workbooks — transparent and functional. This allows you to easily develop a grasp of lexical and grammatical nuances, dependencies and rules, without the need for translation into the intermediary language. The mp3 disc attached to the workbook includes over three hours of high-quality recordings, so that you can listen to the sound of the language. All dialogues and texts include plenty of expressions from daily life, so you can be sure that your spoken Polish will be completely natural. Undoubtedly, you will get into the swing of the story arc of the workbook, which tells the tale of the adventures of Mami, Angela, Javier, Uwe and Tom — friendly foreigners who came to Krakow to learn Polish.

The series is integrated with an e-learning platform to help you to learn from the workbook on your own. In the online version you will find the key to practice tasks, grammatical comments in several languages, and a multimedia dictionary with a special system for remembering words.