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Online multimedia dictionary of the Polish language
Thousands of words and expressions, grammar tables and examples of use

Free online multimedia dictionary of the Polish language

Our free online dictionary of the Polish language has been created for foreigners learning Polish. Even if a student does not know the basic form of a word, our innovative dictionary will manage perfectly with words entered in any inflected form, e.g. “mieście”, “psa”, “szedłem”, and will show the student “miasto” (a town), “pies” (a dog), “iść” (to go) and translations, along with the related information concerning a particular word. For example, “mieście” is the locative singular case of the noun “miasto”, “szedłem” is the third person singular of the masculine article of the past tense of the verb “iść”. Additionally, there is information displayed next to verbs about which prepositions (and cases) a given verb connects with.

In the online Polish dictionary, additional information is presented which is extremely helpful for participants in the Polish course for foreigners. Specifically, all forms of declension are displayed for nouns and adjectives, and for verbs, the inflected forms for the present, past, and future tenses and the imperative and conditional forms. Very often, there are also synonyms and antonyms provided for a word searched for, and practical examples of its use. A student can click on every inflected form, every example, synonym or antonym and hear the word spoken.

We hope the dictionary we have shared will be very useful, both during group courses in Polish and for those who are learning Polish on their own.